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Welcome to the Awesome Accessibility Advice Page!

I am Steven Matusik, an Awesome Ambassador for ALA. I have a love for learning about assistive technologies and am an advocate for accessibility for all individuals! On this page, I hope you can find useful information about how common technology has pre-installed accessibility features for its users to benefit from. Please read through below to learn!

Background Information

As a student studying the foundational and applied practices of becoming a certified Learning & Behavior Specialist, I have taken several classes where I have had hands-on experiences applying accessibility features on general technology devices such as Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacOS) and others. What many people do not know is that accessibility features are easy to set up, customizable, and for the most part, FREE!  Below are just several of the accessibility features users can implement on their personal devices, all of which can be activated through the "settings" option.

Sticky Keys: an accessibility feature that is best used for individuals with physical (fine motor) disabilities. With this feature, users will be able to sterile keystrokes rather than having to press and hold multiple keys at a time.

Text-to-Speech: is best used for individuals with visual or reading disabilities. This feature allows for the user to highlight specific text on their computer screen and the text will be turned into audio.

Speech-to-Text: is a useful accessibility feature for individuals with physical (fine motor) disabilities, writing disabilities, etc. in which they are allowed to have their verbally spoken words transcribed into text on the computer. 

Enlarged Print & Pointer: are useful features for individuals with vision impairments or need assistance with focusing. Enlarged print can customize how large the text on the screen is displayed, and enlarged pointer can customize the size of the pointer, as well as change the color, or have a circular perimeter added around it as well. 

Flash Notificationsis a feature in which individuals can be notified via flashlight flickering repeatedly on their phone. This is most useful for individuals with hearing impairments and for individuals that have attention issues. 

Contact - Steven Matusik

I have studied the applications of accessibility features on technology and would love to answer any questions you may have!

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