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Meaningful Vocation/Employment Training

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ALA partners with local business's and community leaders to create meaningful vocation and employment skill training opportunities. Our partners provide job skills training and a donation to support the program through our Isabella Noel Fund. Our participants get to learn important skills in a hands on environment. These opportunities not only teach real skills but also confidence and self esteem. Everyone want to earn a sense of accomplishment by doing meaningful work. Together with our community partners we are creating the awesome and inclusive world we all deserve.

The current vocation/job training skills and opportunities that are available include but are not limited to; 

  • Packaging, labeling, and distribution of our private label coffee brands

  • Hosting private events and business meetings at our café where we serve coffee and pastries to attendees

  • Bottling, labeling, and packaging of our signature wine as well as other Aspen Lane Wine Company products

If you or your business is interested in learning more about this program and how you can get involved please send an email to

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