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ALA Rock Stars

Awesomeness Personified

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Brandon Quaintance


Brandon committed early on in his career to make one million impacts in his lifetime. Awesome Life Academy allows him to create the awesome and inclusive world we all deserve by igniting awesome lives and torching limitations!

Stella Fitzgerald RN

Director of Special Projects

Medical Advisor

Stella is a co-founder of Awesome Life Academy. In making the most positive impact she can, she plans special projects for all of our participants to further torch their limitations. Additionally, Stella is an RN, where she brings her expertise as the ALA Medical Advisor.

Dwayne Eriksen

Active Board Member

Volunteer Coordinator

Dwayne is Awesome Life Academy's kindhearted volunteer coordinator. At every special event, you will find Dwayne happily volunteering, ensuring that special festivities are set-up, and putting a smile on our participants' faces! 


Trevor Quaintance

Awesome Ambassador / Senior Program Assistant   Trevor transitioned from graduating high school to committing full-time to ALA. In his time outside of ALA, he is taking sign language classes to further amplify his impact when working with individuals with disabilities. His favorite part of his job is seeing everyone happy and having fun. In the near future, he is excited for the expansion of ALA  and sees himself coaching Special Olympics. Trevors "Why" is to help others torch limitations, and he believes nothing is impossible.  

Raphael Marsden

Awesome Ambassador/Program Assistant

​Raphael is committed and dedicated to the ALA mission. He is always wiling to learn and looks forward to growing with our clients and making long lasting impacts! He is empowered to help others torch limitations and build lasting friendships with them. Raphael enjoys going to sporting events, and hanging out with all of our clients. He is eager to grow and remain teachable in his position, and is excited for the future with ALA. 

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Kara Walden

Awesome Ambassador

Kara has been working with ALA since 2022. She has been involved with the special needs community alongside with her mother since she was a little girl. Kara's favorite part about ALA is watching everyone torch their limitations and going on awesome field trips.


Juliana Fitzgerald

Awesome Ambassador

Social Media Manager

Administrative Assistant

Juliana is Awesome Life Academy's Social Media Manager. In this position, she looks at the statistics of ALA's social media presence and seeks to improve our online outreach. 


Brianne Sendaj 

Awesome Ambassador

Program Lead

Brianne brings her awesome dance skills & choreographs creativeness on our team. She wants to empower our participants to dance to their own rhythm in their awesome life! Brianne hopes to continue teaching in her role & ensuring everyone is having a great time & finding their own beat!

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Sofie Heidrich

 Awesome Ambassador

Program Assistant

Sofie brings her bubbly personality and dance skills to the team. Sofie is excited to help participant ignite their awesome lives.

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Genna Walden


Haily Gibbs

Awesome Ambassador

Haily brings her passion to the team by volunteering for program activities and special events.

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Coming Soon Neon Light

"Individually we are one drop...together we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

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