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Hannah's Corner :)

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Want to see how we can help change the world? Come join us for some awesome environmental projects!!



My name is Hannah Bogdan 

I am so excited to be interning with ALA this summer! As someone who loves the outdoors, I will be sharing some information on activities we do during the program and some you all can try at home!

Hope you enjoy it!  

Our Mission

As just one person it is hard to think that you can do a lot to help the environment, but when we work together we can accomplish great things! 

Here at ALA, we strive to help make the world a better place! Check out some of the projects we are working on!

June Project! 

In program:

This month we went to Blackwell Forest Preserve where we learned the importance of Leave No Trace (LNT)! There are 7 principles to follow! We also did a lesson on poisonous plants learning how to identify them and what makes them dangerous! Everyone received their LNT Outdoor Awareness Certificates! With that, they can share information on how to respect our environment!    

Try this at home!

  • Use reusable bottles, lunch boxes, and Tupperware! 

  • Save glass jars and reuse them! 

  • Follow the 3 R's! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

  • If you see trash clean it up! ( please be careful with glass) always wash your hands after touching trash! 

  • Grow a garden and/or grow plants hydroponically!  

Leaf Pattern Design

How can we be more eco-friendly at home? 

Here are some quick easy things we can add to our daily routines! 

  • Use natural cleaners more often! They are safer for you and can be made at home! (thieves is my personal favorite!)  

  • Using essential oils instead of a wall plug-in! diffusing oils do not have any harmful chemicals in them! 

  • Donate clothes that do not fit or you no longer wear to donation bins to help others in need! 

  • Do upcycling and DIY projects at home! (great things to do on rainy days too!)

  • Making homemade Bday and Greeting cards (saves money and adds a personal touch!)

  • Making more plant-based dishes into your week! This helps create a more sustainable food chain! 

  • Cutting back on using the microwave! It releases carbon dioxide and strips food of its nutrients. 

  • Use more natural lighting! 

  • Only wash the dishwasher and wash machine on full loads!

July Project!! 

This month we revisited Blackwell Forest Preserve and learned what being a Citizen Scientist means! We worked on identifying invasive plant and animal species! It is important to remember how much we make an impact! The "Be a Hero Transport Zero" Campaign shows us how important it is to Leave No Trace! 

We got to go fishing off the pier, try out row boats, and make a Citizen Scientist Nature Report! 

How can we prevent invasive species? 

  • Clean your gear after every trip! 

  • Never bring or remove firewood from the area!

  • Report invasive species to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) 

  • Plant Native Species! 

  • Clean your boats before putting it in a new body of water! 


Special Guest Visit! 

On Friday, July 28th, We had Illinois Secretary of State Disability Liaison, Bill Bogdan, come talk to us about Accessibility, Advocacy, and Adaptive Sports! 
He shared the importance of advocating for yourself and some great resources! (all will be listed below) We also got to learn about the many adaptive sports he participates in!! Thank you so much for visiting! 

We learned how to be an ally!
A- Acknowledge and respect others! 
L- Learn about different disability types! 
L- Leverage your influences to promote inclusion!
Y- Yield the floor to people with disabilities to help eliminate barriers!


August projects!!

We got to have 2 totally awesome adventures! We visited Pilcher Park in Joliet and the Morton Arboretum in Lisle! At both sites, we got to discover the flora and fauna around us and understand how to identify trees and their seeds! At the Morton Arboretum, we got to further our Citizen Scientist skills and got to create our very own nature journals! 
It was a fantastic time learning to appreciate the world around us! 


Important Resources!

Please feel free to contant me with any comments or questions!! :)

Check back later for more updates! Always more to come! :) 

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