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Meet "Torch"

"Torch" is Awesome Life Academy’s new mobile Limitation Torching, Awesome Igniting, and Collateral Goodness spreading Ford Transit! This vehicle is an investment in our community and a recommitment to our mission to impact a million lives. We will immediately be able to extend our reach and amplify our impact. ALA continues our momentum by taking action and striving to create an inclusive world for everyone, first with our organizational launch in February of 2021, then our former partnership with Phoenix Coffee House to create over 25 meaningful employment opportunities, and now the purchase of a large passenger vehicle. We would not be in the position to do any of this without the continued love, support, and generosity of our AWESOME supporters. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization we rely heavily on community support. This endeavor will be no different but just as our participants overcome their limitations everyday so shall ALA!! Please consider supporting our mission by donating to our Donor Box fundraiser by clicking the Donate Now box below.  Thank you so much for your support. We are so excited to hit the road this spring & summer…be sure to honk, wave, and/or say hi when you see us out in the community.

Fist pump van.jpg
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